Magic Headaches

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Elinor has magic headaches. That might sound half fun but it’s not. The magic is the kind that makes her think she is going crazy and the headaches are the kind that never ever go away. When Elinor blinks she sees another world. Her vision switches from Waxhaw, NC to Morland, a magic planet. It’s super annoying. Blink. Earth. Blink. Morland. Blink. Earth. Blink. Morland. Repeat forever. And understandably, whatever has broken in her brain to make her able to do this is giving her horrible, daily headaches that doctors have no idea how to fix. And the only person who could possibly help her is Derek, a soulless narcissistic murderer with a blog. She’s doomed.

Morland is the worst and Derek should know since he spent five years trapped on that stupid, magic planet. He promised himself he would never ever go back, especially not for some crazy broken girl. But Derek knows that Morland is not done with him. He’d be lying if he said that Morland and what he had to do to escape doesn’t still haunt him. Derek knows without a doubt that his mother, the Queen, is still waiting for him. She’s waiting to destroy his soul and make him a slave to the forces of Darkness. Mother knows best. Derek lives his life on edge waiting for Morland to pull him back in. And Elinor is a giant flashing light calling Morland’s attention. But even knowing that, he can’t seem to stay away and it would be a lot better for both of them if he could.


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