The Morland Prince

This is the story of how a boy

became a prince who

became a monster.

The magic planet of Morland is not an enchanted fairyland. Derek’s years there were heartbreaking, soul-wrenching, bloody detail, from his first confusing days as a thirteen-year-old trapped on a strange new planet to his final days as a prince trying to fight off the forces of Darkness to save his sister. Morland is a lot of things (mostly obscenities) but it’s never boring.
Find out everything that happened while Derek was trapped on that magic, nightmare planet called Morland. Derek’s story is enhanced with illustrations, charts, maps, and more.

Morland had never felt so close.


The Morland Prince is a stand-alone book in the Magic Headaches series. It can be read before or after Magic Headaches.

What makes this book really special is the extra features. This story is illustrated and annotated with maps, charts, timelines, comics, and snarky comments. It’s not your typical coming-of-age novel. It’s the kind of story that drags you in and makes you believe it all might be real…